Classes, Parties, and More
Classes  I bring all the materials to your location for a single class or a series.  5 to 20 kids, ages 5 to 12.  I also welcome adult-child partners for classes.
I design classes to fit your time and space constraints and to meet the needs of your participants.
Parties   Let Professor Sepoc bring an hour or more of science fun with bubbles, dry ice, color changes, magical special effects, and experiments to take home.  We can also prepare a science snack together!
Wet Ice, Dry Ice
Wizard School
Playing With Your Food
Magic Chemistry
Rocket Science
Wacky Inventions
Slimy, sticky, icky
Ink, Paper, Books
Book Club with Lab
 We can read a wonderful book [maybe What Einstein Told His Cook] and do some experiments suggested by the text.  
5 adults, 5 evenings, your kitchen!
Performances    What about a lively chemistry magic show for your picnic, scout gathering, classroom, auditorium, or other special event?  Be prepared to participate and laugh a lot!
Science Outside the Box
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