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More Fun With Science
photo by Gus Gustafson
copyright 2013 Jane Snell Copes
Everyone is a scientist
Kids are curious and excited about everything.  They ask questions and try out new ideas and make mistakes and start over.  That’s what scientists do every day.
Adults can be careful and methodical and analytical and patient, all good traits for a scientist.  Cooking is chemistry, sewing is geometry and topology, music is acoustics,
and dance is mechanics.  You are still a scientist, even if you don’t earn your living in a traditional science field.
Our job as adults is to keep our child-scientists well-nourished.  They need a library card, time to mess around without directions from an adult, a place to mess around, and plenty of baking soda and vinegar.  Kids need ACTIVities that don’t involve TV, a video screen, or a computer.
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What is Science Outside the Box anyway!?
Science Outside the Box is a tiny business that 
celebrates the scientist in every one of us!